Statement By Senator George H. Winner, Jr.

George Winner

May 16, 2005

Today’s many observances of the sixth anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks on our state and our nation are occasions of solemn remembrance of those we lost, of those heroic citizens who responded in our time of need, and of the American troops whose sacrifice and courage continue to help the world stand stronger and saferin the face of terrorism today.

I'm proud to also recall the many people of the Southern Tier-Finger Lakes region who responded in such positive, uplifting ways in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Local students and teachers who raised money to aid the response.Community blood drives. Parents and families who expressed their thoughts and prayers. Local firefighters,lawofficers,members of the military and otherswho traveled to Ground Zero.It was this demonstration of an undaunted spirit of resolve -- locally and across the nation -- that spurred this nation’s recovery and that will continue to always remind us that we face a future of hope, that the fundamental values of decency, honor and respect will keep America strong.