Winner: Comptroller Hevesi Should Resign

George Winner

October 25, 2006

Elmira, N.Y.-- New York State Senator George H. Winner, Jr. has joined colleagues and citizens groups from across New York to call for the immediate resignation of Comptroller Alan Hevesi.

The calls for Hevesi’s resignation come in the wake of this week's report from the New York State Ethics Commission that the comptroller may have "knowingly and intentionally" violated state ethics law by utilizing one of his government-paid employees as a chauffeur and personal aide for his wife.

In a statement, Winner said,

"The plain truth is that Comptroller Hevesi has abused and broken the public trust far beyond any hope of repair.

"To have him hang on through Election Day will only mean that a dark cloud of mistrust, disgust and public theft continues to linger over the office of New York’s chief fiscal officer.

"New York’s citizens need better, and Comptroller Hevesi needs to step aside."