Remembering 9-11

Hugh T. Farley

September 08, 2011

Sunday is the 10th annual commemoration of 9-11. I remember that day is if it happened yesterday. Shortly after the attacks, I was part of a delegation that went to Ground Zero. We toured the damage and met many emergency personnel. This was truly a devastating event, but the human spirit is amazing as Americans came together to help the victims of this tragedy. It is important to remember this event in order to honor the victims and rescue workers, and to reaffirm our commitments to prevent future acts of terrorism.

I encourage people to visit the 9-11 exhibits that will be in our neighborhoods in September, like the one near my office at the Riverfront Center in Amsterdam. This exhibit will be open to the public during normal operating hours of the Riverfront Center. Call 684-6091 for hours. By visiting these exhibits, we can teach younger generations about a sad but important piece of history. September 11th has been designated as Patriot Day in New York State. I also encourage people to fly their flags at half-staff that day and observe a moment of silence in honor of the 3,000 people who died.