Sen. Farley Announces Edinburg Bridge Replacement Schedule Starts in May

Hugh T. Farley

March 09, 2010

State Senator Hugh T. Farley (R, C, I - Schenectady) is pleased to announce the Batchellerville Bridge in Edinburg, Saratoga County, is now back on track, with construction bids to be opened in May.

"When bids came in well over budget in 2008, everyone was extremely nervous the bridge would not get replaced," Senator Farley said. "Then, when the bridge was shut down to only one lane of traffic, the concern grew over whether it was safe enough to be used. With this grave situation, I continued to call upon the Governor for quick action to replace the bridge so this region would not have to go through a situation that citizens of Crown Point are currently facing --- a closed bridge with jobs on the line and potential emergencies becoming fatal due to slow response times."

On March 4th, the Capital District Transportation Committee (CDTC) approved the bridge replacement project and also approved the additional funding for it. Some $38 million in federal funding had previously been secured for this project, but was not enough to cover the entire cost. CDTC recently approved an additional $20 million in funding for the replacement bridge.

"I am happy the situation is getting resolved and we can proceed with the replacement of this important transportation lifeline," Senator Farley said.