Senator Farley Announces "love Your Library" License Plate

Hugh T. Farley

July 05, 2005

Commissioner Donato said, "This plate is a great way for people to show their support of local libraries and make a financial contribution to help perpetuate summer reading programs throughout the State. By showing support of reading programs, New Yorkers are encouraging future generations to become active readers, and thus more educated."

"As Chair of the Senate Subcommittee on Libraries, and the Senate sponsor of the law creating these special license plates, it is an honor to assist the DMV in the formal unveiling of this new custom license plate," saidSenatorFarley, adding, "I commend Commissioner Martinez and his staff for working with the library community to develop this attractive design. We New Yorkers love our libraries and this is a great way to show our support."

Assemblywoman Sandra R. Galef said, "I am excited to be here today to help launch these new license plates. As the Assembly sponsor of the legislation that created the 'Love Your Library' license plates, I am confident that this program will raise revenue and increase awareness for libraries across the state."

Deputy Commissioner for Cultural Education Carole Huxley at the State Education Department said, "We know from extensive research that library summer reading programs help prevent learning losses over the summer. Losses add up year-by-year and are one reason why the academic gap between low-and high-income children grows," adding, "This new license plate from the Department of Motor Vehicles gives all New Yorkers the chance not only to show their support for libraries, but to help grow an important education program that will impact the future of all of New York's students."

The initial cost for the "Love Your Library" license plate with a number assigned by the Department of Motor Vehicles is $43 with an annual renewal fee of $25. A personalized version of the "Love Your Library" license plate with the motorist's choice of two to six characters, including spaces, is available for $68, with an annual renewal fee of $50.

The annual renewal fee is in addition to the regular registration fee, which is billed every two years. In every case, the $25 annual renewal fee will be deposited to the credit of the Love Your Library Fund, which supports the New York State Library's Statewide Summer Reading Program.

This plate, which features a design consisting of various library resources to the left of the plate number and includes the words "READ * LEARN * EXPLORE," is available to anyone who has a passenger or commercial vehicle registered in New York State.

To order your "Love Your Library" license plate, visit any DMV issuing office, DMV's website at or call the DMV Custom Plates office at 518-402-4838, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. You may view our gallery of over 300 custom plates and ordering information for each on the DMV website as well. Individuals who qualify for the International Symbol of Access must order through DMV's Custom Plates office.