Senator Farley Announces Price Gouging Hotline Number

Hugh T. Farley

September 06, 2005

State Senator Hugh T. Farley (R,C - Schenectady) reminds constituents that the New York State toll-free hotline number to report price gouging in gasoline is (800) 214-4372.

"In a time of crisis, most people come out to help their fellow man," Senator Farley said. "Unfortunately, disasters may bring out the worst in some people, too. From soaring prices, to limiting the availability of necessary goods, some businesses take advantage of consumers during natural disasters. Not only is price gouging during times of need wrong, it is illegal and will not be tolerated by New York State."

When calling the toll-free hotline, or filing a complaint online at website, the consumer is asked for the name and address of the gas station the consumer is complaining about. The consumer is also asked to provide details such as the brand name of gasoline being sold and price per gallon posted at the pump.

Senator Farley said State Senate leaders are also proposing legislation to roll back the sales tax on gas and replace it with a fixed state-local levy, which, if adopted, would provide motorists with immediate savings up to eight to 10 cents per gallon on fuel purchased at more than $2 per gallon.

"This idea of a fixed sales tax per gallon of gas and not per dollar of price would mean that the tax would not rise along with the increasing prices, thereby giving motorists some relief at the pump," Senator Farley said.

The Senate is reconvening September 20th and this legislation is one of the items on its agenda. The Senate will also address the state’s long-term energy needs, from reauthorizing a state law that governs the construction of additional power plants to actions that will help wean state government and New York’s economy from its dependence on foreign oil.