Senator Farley Asks Children To Participate In Summer Reading Program

Hugh T. Farley

June 02, 2005

The school year is coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean the excitement of reading needs to stop, says State Senator Hugh T. Farley (R,C - Schenectady).

"Reading is a fun activity that opens the mind to all sorts of adventures," Senator Farley said. "As Chairman of the New York State Senate Subcommittee on Libraries and a former teacher, I try to promote reading and learning as much as possible. That’s why I’d like children to participate in my summer reading program." The program is targeted to children in elementary school.

"It’s real simple," Senator Farley said about enrolling in the Reading is Freedom program. "A parent can call any of my offices asking for their child to be a participant. An information packet is sent, along with a form for the child to write down a brief summary of three books he or she reads this summer. The parents then send back the completed paperwork and I issue a certificate to reward and honor the youngster."

For more information on Senator Farley’s Reading is Freedom program, please call his offices at 455-2181 (Albany), 843-2188 (Amsterdam) or 762-3733 (Johnstown). Parents can also call his toll-free number at (800) 224-5201.

Senator Farley also encourages parents to instill the love of reading in their children. "Parents have a very important responsibility in their children’s growth and education. Studies have shown that children whose families are involved in their learning become higher achievers and learn more quickly than children whose families are not. It’s a big responsibility, but it’s not difficult to help your children learn. The best way is to encourage them to read," Senator Farley said. "When children see their family members reading, writing and conversing, they naturally want to participate. I hope parents make my summer reading program a fun family project. I look forward to hearing from the families."