Senator Farley Reminds Constituents Star Deadline Is Near

Hugh T. Farley

February 17, 2006

State Senator Hugh T. Farley (R, C - Schenectady) reminds constituents that the date for applying or reapplying for the School Tax Relief Program (STAR) is rapidly approaching.

"In most towns and cities, the deadline is March 1st," Senator Farley said. "I strongly suggest that residents contact their local assessor to confirm their municipality's deadline."

Senator Farley said seniors who get Enhanced STAR must reapply each year, unless they have previously signed up to have their income verified automatically annually by the State Department of Taxation and Finance. "You may want to check with your local assessor to ensure that you are signed up and won't lose the Enhanced exemption. Remember, Enhanced STAR exempts $50,000 of the full value of the primary residence," Senator Farley said.

Persons who are currently 64, but turn 65 at any point during 2006, are eligible for Enhanced STAR, but must file an application by March 1st, Senator Farley said.

"Basic STAR is available for all New Yorkers and it exempts $30,000 of the full value of the primary residences, regardless of income or age. If a person has applied for, and receives, Basic STAR, he or she does not have to reapply. However, people who have moved and new homeowners must apply by the deadline," Senator Farley said.

"The STAR program has saved homeowners across the State millions of dollars in school property taxes. The Basic and Enhanced STAR application forms are available from your local assessor. Please file the applications with your local assessor," Senator Farley said.