Senator Farley Reminds Drivers That Dmv Repealed The Staggered 10-day Vehicle Inspection Dates

Hugh T. Farley

December 28, 2006

State Senator Hugh T. Farley (R, C - Schenectady) reminds motorists who received vehicle inspection stickers in January and February 2006 with staggered expiration dates that the inspection will expire at the end of the month instead of the specific date stamped on the sticker.


"For all vehicles that received a January or February sticker that has no computer printing and instead has the three pre-printed date boxes at the top of the sticker, the inspection will actually expire at the end of the month just as it has in previous years," Senator Farley said.

Senator Farley notes that DMV had introduced a short-lived policy in January 2006 which provided that inspection stickers would have expired in the first, second or third portion of the month of the following year, depending on the date of issuance.

"As January 2007 nears, I wanted to remind motorists they have more than the narrow 10-day period marked on the sticker to get the inspection done," Senator Farley said. "But they must have it done by the end of that month or it will expire," Senator Farley warned.

Senator Farley and his colleagues lobbied the State Department of Motor Vehicles on behalf of their constituents to repeal this administrative change in policy.

"This bureaucratic decision was just more red tape, making it harder for people to get the inspections done in such a narrow window of time," Senator Farley said. "Fortunately, Motor Vehicles heard our concerns and repealed the policy six weeks later."