Statement from Senator Farley Regarding the 2014 State-of-the-State Address

Hugh T. Farley

January 08, 2014

The Governor gave his State-of-the State Address on Wednesday January 8th, an outline of his goals for the year. It also kicks off the 2014 Legislative Session. You can read his written message by clicking here:

In the New York State Senate, my colleagues and I will work with the Governor and Assembly to pass another on-time budget, building on our previous passage of three consecutive early budgets.

We will be looking to pass a budget that controls spending and reduces taxes, while still making important investments in our future.

More needs to be done to create new jobs and new opportunities, particularly in upstate New York.

To help make it more affordable to live here, we need to make the property tax cap and middle-class tax cuts we’ve passed permanent.

We will also be working to completely eliminate the energy tax imposed a few years ago by Democrats, which is costing taxpayers millions of dollars a year. 

Another goal is to pass a comprehensive regulatory relief plan that removes red tape and regulations that hurt our small businesses.

I look forward to seeing the Governor’s proposed State Budget, which will be released in the next few weeks.

During the budget process and the Legislative Session, we will pursue an agenda that continues our vision of cutting taxes and balancing the budget, while encouraging economic activity and the retention and creation of needed jobs.