Gaughran Bill Seeks to Crack Down on Boating While Drunk

By Nick Reisman with New York State of Politics

August 05, 2019

Originally published in New York State of Politics on August 05, 2019.

A bill introduced by Long Island Democratic Sen. Jim Gaughran announced Monday is aimed at cracking down on drunken boating.

The measure was introduced following a series of high-profile boating accidents this summer fueled by alcohol.

The measure would make boating while intoxicated with children on board a felony — raising the current charge from a misdemeanor.

Gaughran also wants the Legislature to approve a separate bill that would revoke a boater’s driver’s license if they are convicted of boating while intoxicated.

“Drunk boating has long plagued Long Island’s waterways and destroyed families but it is preventable, and we must enact laws to deter this behavior and punish those who thoughtlessly endanger other lives,” Gaughran said.

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