How limousine safety ran out of gas

By Zach Williams with City and State

September 04, 2019

Originally published in City and State on September 04, 2019.

Kevin Cushing was looking for answers. The Saratoga Springs resident had lost his son Patrick in the October 2018 limousine crash outside of Schoharie in which 20 people were killed when a stretch 2001 Ford Excursion’s brakes gave out. The tragedy drew attention to gaps in oversight of the limousine industry, and state lawmakers vowed to take action this year. While several safety measures were enacted this past session in response to the crash, advocates were disappointed by the failure to advance a more comprehensive overhaul of the industry.

Earlier this month, during an afternoon meeting in the Albany office of Assembly Transportation Committee Chairman Bill Magnarelli, Cushing delivered a message on behalf of the families of the crash victims. “We need to know where you are in the process,” said Cushing, according to Magnarelli, who was joined by Assemblymen Chris Tague and Angelo Santabarbara and legislative staffers. “We need to know that someone basically hasn’t forgotten what went on.” Magnarelli promised action on the issue – but he and his fellow lawmakers will have to wait until next year at the earliest to deliver.

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