NRA Fundraiser with Gun Prizes Again Planned on Long Island

By Daniel Hampton with New Hyde Park Patch

August 22, 2019

Originally published in New Hyde Park Patch on August 22, 2019.

A fundraising event for the National Rifle Association is once again planned on Long Island, and at least one local lawmaker is urging the venue to cancel.

The fundraiser is planned Sept. 19 at The Inn in New Hyde Park, according to a flyer from the Nassau County Friends of NRA. The event, meant to celebrate a "legacy" of shooting sports traditions, will feature dinner, raffles and auctions, with attendees given chances to win NRA guns, gear, decor and collectibles.

Among the prizes this year: the 2019 gun of the year set, a Sig Sauer P210 American Standard 9 mm pistol, decked out with a Friends of NRA decal. Other prizes include a Kimber Micro 9 mm with NRA logo, Henry single shot brass .45-70 with logo, and Mossberg 500 Pump-Action 12-gauge shotgun combo.

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