Officials Weigh In On State Budget

Connor Beach with Long Islander News

April 05, 2019

Originally published in Long Islander News on April 05, 2019.

State lawmakers passed early Sunday morning a $175.5 billion budget for the 2020 fiscal year that lawmakers say will increase school aid and restore funding to Huntington town government and community organizations.

The budget includes a total of $27.9 billion in school aid to districts throughout the state. The figure is a more than $1 billion increase from the previous year.

Huntington’s eight public school districts will see a $3.7 million increase in aid compared to last year’s budget, which State Senator Jim Gaughran (D-Northport) said will help “reduce the burden on overtaxed Long Island homeowners.”

Gaughran said state lawmakers were able to achieve “record funding for school districts.”

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