Arts Guild Gets Senate Lift

James L. Seward

August 11, 2008

At the site of the new Arts Center in Old Forge today, State Senator James L. Seward announced $270,000 in senate funding for several Old Forge programs and projects, including $200,000 for the Arts Guild’s community arts center. Seward was joined by local officials and residents.

"Property tax relief and local economic development -- the keys to a better quality of life and revving up our economy," Seward said. "It’s about targeted, smart investments that help local governments provide services for their constituents and help create jobs."

Seward announced $200,000 for Arts Guild of Old Forge in its continuing effort to complete its new environmentally friendly community arts center. The funding, part of the state’s capital economic assistance program, will help further construction of the center with its auditorium, galleries, studios and gift shop. Seward says the center will be an economic boost for Old Forge and the region.

"The arts center offers a big economic punch," Seward said. "It will attract visitors from all over and its ‘green’ technology puts the project in the forefront of construction technology. It’s a win-win project for the state, Webb, and the north country. And it’s no secret that Webb is a significant force in Herkimer County’s economy -- generating sales tax revenue that helps reduce property tax impacts."

Seward also unveiled grants for the following:

*Town of Webb: Highway Department - $15,000 -- emergency generator for the highway building in the event of power failure; Recreation Department - $15,000 - equipment for a public fitness facility;

*Historical Association - $15,000 - energy conservation projects to reduce expenses and fuel use;

*Old Forge Volunteer Ambulance Corp. -- $15,000 for new AEDs and cardiac support pump;

*Covey-Pashley American Legion Post #893 -- $15,000 for code upgrades and to make the facility ADA accessible.

"Particularly in the case of the Town of Webb, the senate funding reduces pressure on local taxes and offers help for our volunteer first responders. These are locally identified community needs that will help key programs here in Old Forge," Seward said. "I am glad the senate could assist."