C-town Chamber Gets Festival Grant

James L. Seward

February 23, 2007

The Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce will get $20,000 in a state senate tourism grant to help fund its yearly festivals, Senator James L. Seward announced today at a press conference at the chamber offices in Cooperstown. The senate funds will support the village's Pumpkin Festival and Snowfest Celebration by helping pay for advertising, and will match local tourism dollars.

"The festivals draw significant off-season tourists to Cooperstown, and that's good for local businesses, employment and even our county's sales taxes," Seward said. "Because of the positive impact the festivals have on Otsego County and the state's share of sales tax receipts, it is perfectly appropriate to give this local tourism niche a little shot in the arm from the state. We're partnering with local organizations to improve local businesses and our quality of life here in Otsego County."

Seward noted that the senate funding matches local tourism dollars that are put up first, so the impact of the state dollars is doubled.

Seward was joined by outgoing chamber director Polly Renckens.

"I applaud the organizers, the volunteers and the community for supporting two distinct and attractive events here in the area," Seward concluded.

The funding is through the state senate.