Cancer Outreach Bill Signed By Governor

James L. Seward

August 30, 2007

Community based breast cancer outreach organizations would be eligible for state grants for outreach programs to cancer survivors under the terms of legislation signed into law by the governor, Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I-Milford) said today.

The governor signed S. 2932A on August 28, which establishes a program of state grants to organizations that offer counseling, education and outreach programs to survivors of breast cancer.

The grants are subject to a budget appropriation.

"The state already commits significant financial resources to breast cancer research and early detection -- very important," Seward said. "This goes one more step to address the post-diagnosis needs of women who are living with the disease."

New York has no routine state supported initiatives that address the post-diagnosis needs of those who have breast cancer. Its rate of recurrence indicates that patients diagnosed with breast cancer must be vigilant and educated about the implications of the disease for their futures. Local organizations have the ability to provide breast cancer patients and survivors with information about studies and therapies; offer critical networks that faciliate the sharing of information about the disease.

"It's an important bill. Breast cancer comes back, and patients need to stay up to date on the latest information, and that's provided effectively through local associations and groups that serve as a focal point for information and support," Seward said.

The money would be allocated by the Breast Cancer Detection and Education Advisory Council.
The concept has been advocated for years by local survivors' organizations, including the Ithaca Breast Cancer Alliance.