CTM Unveils New Equipment

James L. Seward

September 18, 2008

Local small business set for growth

FRANKFORT, 9/18/08 -- In Frankfort today, Senator James L. Seward (R/I/C) joined local officials and the leadership of Custom Tool and Model Corporation in the unveiling of new equipment key to the company's survival and growth. A state economic assistance grant secured by Sen. Seward for the company has helped purchase a new CNC lathe and add capacity to the shop floor. The funded was adminstered by the Herkimer County IDA.

"Senator Seward has been a great friend to CTM and small manufacturing businesses all across his district. He is committed to creating an environment where businesses can be successful," said Steven Naegele, president and CEO.

"We thank Senator Seward for his assistance in the purchase of a new CNC Lathe. The addition of the new equipment will allow us to attract more business and create new job opportunities," said John Piseck, sales engineer.

Custom Tool and Model Corporation is located in the village of Frankfort. It is a high precision engineering machine shop which has found success in creating partnerships with various companies both locally and across the nation. Some of their customers include: Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL) in California, Oakridge National Labs in Tennessee, NASA, Remington Arms Company, ConMed Corporation, Magna, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Gruman and EmpireAero. CTM has also been instrumental as a major supplier to NASA's Phoenix Mission, and manufactured the scoop used to collect soil samples on the planet Mars.

The grant helps secure 20 jobs and lays the groundwork for additional jobs, Seward said.