Gov Dumps Drivers’ Licenses For Illegals

James L. Seward

November 14, 2007


State Senator James L. Seward today commented on Governor Spitzer's announcement that he was withdrawing his plan to allow illegal immigrants to apply for New York State drivers' licenses: 

"Governor Spitzer has dumped his plan to give drivers' licenses to illegal aliens because the people of the state abandoned him and stood up shouting "NO!" The plan was a danger to public safety and security from day one. It was expensive to the legal immigrants called taxpayers and it would have been a bureaucratic nightmare.

"In my own on-line poll, 95 percent of those who took the time to respond expressed opposition to the governor's ludicrous idea.

"His plan was crafted behind closed doors without consulting the state legislature or the county clerks in motor vehicles offices across the state who would be responsible for enacting it.

"By putting his limo in reverse, the governor also clearly acknowledged that the senate majority was prepared to stop any effort to provide valid New York drivers' licenses to illegal aliens, and would have blocked it by refusing to pay for it in the upcoming state budget.

"Now that sanity has prevailed and the governor has finally shelved his ridiculous and illogical idea, I will work for legislation to ensure that he can’t ever breathe new life into a plan that was wrong -- from 'Day One.' "