Groton, Dryden Libraries To Get State Grants

James L. Seward

February 12, 2008

Senator James L. Seward today announced that two libraries in the 51st senatorial district portion of Tompkins County would be receiving direct, unrestricted grants through the state senate.

"The Groton Public Library and The Southworth Library are vital to their communities," Senator Seward said. "They provide books and periodicals -- the most important -- but they also offer a portal into a new information age that people use for job searches, genealogical purposes, and self improvement, among others. Libraries in some areas are community centers, and they are foundations of a free, democratic society. "

Every library in the county will receive some assistance, Seward noted.

"The funding I am announcing today reduces pressure on local budgets and provides a financial nudge to help with books and materials," Seward added.

Seward said the money was set aside in the 2007-2008 state budget.

"The programs identified as eligible for the awards improve the quality of life of many people in specific ways. I am glad that the state senate could assist," Seward concluded.

Seward concluded.


Groton Public Library $2,500 unrestricted

Southworth Library - Dryden $2,500 unrestricted

Seward added. Seward concluded.