Legislature Lauds Evening Sun Columnist, Outdoorsman

James L. Seward

May 05, 2006

The New York State Legislature put its stamp of approval on a resolution lauding Evening Sun columnist and outdoors writer Robert McNitt upon his induction into the New York State Outdoorsman Hall of Fame last Saturday, State Senator James L. Seward said today.

"I can't think of an individual more deserving of the induction than Bob McNitt," Senator Seward said. "Chenango County's senators and assemblymen wanted to recognize his induction for the significant achievement that it is and the distinction it brings to Chenango County, but we also thought it appropriate to draw attention to his lifetime of advocacy for our state's outdoor sporting heritage, for wildlife and for the habitat essential to maintaining healthy and diverse fish and game populations. I was proud to initiate the resolution honoring Bob and his work at the Evening Sun. "

McNitt, of North Norwich, was among eight individuals inducted into the New York State Outdoorsman Hall of Fame on April 29 at its annual banquet in Utica. McNitt has been the outdoors write of the Evening Sun for 31 years and is widely known for his editorial leadership at the helm of the New York Sportsman, a popular fishing and hunting magazine started by the late Paul Keesler of Prospect that focused on outdoor opportunities in New York.

The legislative resolution cites McNitt's accomplishments as a writer and editor and notes that his commitment to the outdoors extends into public service as well. McNitt serves on several local and state government panels that have responsibility for guiding environmental and land use policy.

Chenango County's state legislative delegation joined in praise of McNitt.

"Bob has always been an insightful and enthusiastic voice for sportsmen and women," said Senator Thomas W. Libous, who along with Seward represents Chenango County in the state senate. "His induction to the hall of fame is a testament to his passion for the outdoors and his commitment to helping others understand and enjoy all Chenango County and New York have to offer."

"Bob McNitt has been the true voice of the hunter, the trapper, the outdoorsman, and the property owner. He has been able to turn his passion for the outdoor sports into words of encouragement, advocacy, and when necessary, admonishment in order to protect, preserve and educate about our outdoor heritage," said 107th district Assemblyman Cliff Crouch.

"Bob McNitt's work at the Evening Sun and as an outdoor writer and advocate reflect credit on Chenango County, and his strong sense of sporting ethics reflects positively on all outdoorsmen. I was pleased to join my colleagues in passing the resolution acknowledging his contributions to sportsmen and the craft of outdoor writing," commented Assemblyman Gary Finch, who represents the 123rd assembly district.

"Outdoorsmen play a vital role in managing our wildlife populations and preserving our natural environment," said Assemblyman Dan Hooker of the 127th assembly district. "Mr. McNitt has been a strong voice and an excellent role model for outdoorsmen and I am pleased to join my colleagues in honoring him for being inducted into the New York State Outdoorsman Hall of Fame."

Senator Seward is the sponsor of legislation in the senate that would create a state constitutional right to hunt, fish and trap; as well as a measure to initiate a state fishing promotion program. He has also authored a bill to create a state museum to honor the history of the state's forest rangers, game protectors and environmental conservation officers.

The resolution honoring McNitt was passed by the state legislature on April 26.