Local Courts Get State Awards

James L. Seward

November 22, 2005

ALBANY, 11/22/05 -- Area justice courts are in line for state grants under the state's justice court assistance program, Senator James L. Seward said today. The funding helps purchase equipment and facility upgrades under the 2005-2006 state budget.

"The grants help local governments fulfill an important function of government -- provide local courts," Senator Seward said. "In addition, the funds help reduce pressure on local finances and local taxes. The program is included in the state budget so that the state can partner with local governments to maintain sound administration of justice at the local level."

"The importance of the Justice Court Assistance Program can not be overstated,"said Chief Administrative Judge Jonathan Lippman. "Modern, well equipped town and village court operations are essential if justice is to be adminstered fairly in our state's smaller communities, if crime victims are to be protected, if traffic laws are to be enforced, and if citizens are to continue to enjoy access to an inexpensive forum for the resolution of small claims matters."


Cortland County
Town of Cincinnatus     $ 4227
Town of Harford           $ 4,811
Town of Truxton           $ 2,256

Tompkins County
Village of Cayuga Heights   $ 940

Otsego County
Town of Butternuts      $ 1,361
Town of Decatur          $ 1,361
Town of Oneonta         $ 3,597
Town of Otsego           $ 1,476
Town of Plainfield        $    590

Herkimer County
Town of Warren $ 5,809

Greene County
Town of Catskill            $1,525
Town of Coxsackie        $2,319

Schoharie County
Town of Wright             $5,828
Village of Schoharie       $3,401

Funded by local muncipalities, the state's nearly 1,500 justice courts handle non-felony criminal and motor vehicle prosecutions, small claims and landlord-tenant issues.

The state legislature established the justice court assistance program in 1999 to help local courts pay for computers, electronic equipment, and legal materials.