New Car Inspection Reg Dead -- For Real

James L. Seward

February 28, 2006

State Senator James L. Seward today applauded the governor for shelving the state Department of Motor Vehicles’ plan to alter car inspections to expire at three different times within a month.

Two weeks ago the D.M.V. issued a notice of withdrawal of its plan, but then said it would go ahead with its plan anyway using the state’s formal rule-making process. The governor’s announcement today terminates the idea.

"I commend the governor for standing up for hardworking, overburdened New York taxpayers and motorists," Seward said. "He understood the concerns of the public and state legislators and put the brakes on a new mandate that only aggravates people and provides twice the opportunities for police to write tickets for uninspected motor vehicles."

Seward had started an on-line petition against the new mandate and signed onto legislation (S. 6426) with Sen. George Maziarz that would maintain the current month-long validity of an inspection sticker.
Legislators from both houses and both parties took aim at the rule, which Seward said was designed for the convenience of service stations instead of the average motorist.

"This proposal can rest in peace as an example of a bureaucracy with a tin ear to the voices, concerns and problems of ordinary people," Seward said. "The people have won a victory, but we need to move forward and put it into law so future DMV bureaucrats don’t resurrect this turkey."