Senate Budget Rejects Snowmobile Raid

James L. Seward

March 14, 2006

The state budget approved by the senate on Monday, March 13, rejects the governor’s proposed $2.5 million raid on the state’s snowmobile trail fund, Senator James L. Seward said today.

The governor's proposed 2006-07 state budget calls for sweeping $2.5 million in snowmobile trail funds into the state's general fund. Under the governor's plan, money available for snowmobile trails would drop from $3.4 million to $1.9 million.

"I didn't vote for a trail fund in order to see it raided by the state and diverted to other purposes," Senator Seward said. "That breaks faith with the snowmobilers who pay registration fees that they have requested, and accepted, in order to have local trails.The senate rejected the plan and I am confident that as we close in on a final budget we can keep our momentum going and convince the assembly to agree with the senate that there should be no raid on the snowmobile trail fund as part of a final state budget."

Seward his office had heard from snowmobilers across his district opposing the measure.

The senate’s budget includes no new taxes or fees, keeping Seward’s and other senators’ pledge to pass a budget without one new penny in taxes or fees.