Seward Announces Cortland Ems Grant

James L. Seward

October 16, 2007

At a local gathering of firefighters and EMTS at the Cortlandville Fire Department, Senator James L. Seward unveiled modern UHF pagers purchased with a senate grant of $100,000 Seward secured in the 2007-2008 state budget.

"The senate funding helps local programs and meets locally identified community needs that would not be possible without state assistance," Senator Seward said. "When it comes to local governments and fire departments in particular, the senate funding helps reduce pressure on tax rates and tight budgets, especially in rural areas."

The senate funding will pay for the cost of UHF pagers for the county's fire and EMS responders. Cortland County has been upgrading its paging system for all of the county's fire and EMS services.
Seward said the money was itemized in the state budget under new disclosure rules, and is intended to help local needs.

"The programs identified as eligible for the awards improve the quality of life of many people in specific ways. I am glad that the senate could assist," Seward concluded.