Seward Announces Education Grants

James L. Seward

November 17, 2005

Senator James L. Seward today announced $205,000 in grants for area school districts for projects ranging from an after school program to emergency building expenses. Seward unveiled the awards at a ceremony at Oneonta's Greater Plains Elementary School.

"All of these awards will help provide important local and educational services, reduce families' expenses, and reduce burdens on property taxpayers," Seward said.

Seward announced the following awards from the 2005-2006 state budget:

*Oneonta City School District -- 1) $50,000 for the district's after school program, which offers activities for children after school for homework assistance and recreation. The funds will help stabilize parents' costs; 2) $20,000 for the Service Learning Project, a collaborative program between Oneonta School District, Hartwick College and SUNY Oneonta to gather prepared foods for distribution to the local food bank;

*Cherry Valley-Springfield School District -- $30,000 in unrestricted aid to assist with education programs and budget relief;

*Laurens Central School -- $20,000 to fund a portable computer lab;

*Morris Central School -- $30,000 for pay staffing costs for an English program for at risk students;

*Richfield Springs Central School -- $25,000 for telecommunications and computer data equipment;

*Unadilla Elementary School -- $2,000 for an after-school storytelling program;

*Worcester Central School -- $28,000 for expenses related to the emergency repair of a fractured wall in the school's gymnasium.