Seward Announces Greenville Wastewater Grant

James L. Seward

July 08, 2008

At the Greenville Town Hall, State Senator James L. Seward announced $100,000 in capital funding for improvements to the town’s wastewater treatment plant.

"Budget and property tax relief -- that’s the issue," Seward said. "It’s about helping a local government meet state mandates and provide services for their constituents and for economic development without hitting local wallets."

"Senator Seward comes through for taxpayers, and for local governments facing higher costs in these challenging times," said Town Supervisor Kevin Lewis. "We appreciate Senator Seward’s attention to our need to provide an updated sewage treatment plant to serve our residents and to accommodate our commercial area and future economic growth. Senator Seward is a friend of Greenville, no question."

The Town of Greenville is facing state orders to upgrade its sewage treatment plant. Senator Seward has coordinated meetings between the town and the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to seek extensions and modifications of the state’s 2007 consent order and moratorium on sewer connections.

The town has invested more than $150,000 in labor and capital to meet state mandates, and the plant is in need of additional upgrades. Without state assistance, rates for sewer users could double. The state funding will help pay for critical upgrades; will reduce pressure on sewer rates and help protect the environment.

"This is a critical need -- for residential and commercial users, and for the future of Greenville’s development. It is a locally identified community need that will meet a real environmental need and help the town provide services within a budget," Seward said. "I am glad the senate could assist."

The funding is from the state’s capital program for economic assistance.