Seward Announces Herkimer Awards

James L. Seward

January 27, 2005

At a Herkimer County ceremony today, State Senator James L. Seward unveiled state awards for local Herkimer County public safety agencies and organizations.

The awards cover funding for important local public safety projects or programs.

"Today is a day to observe the value of our local fire and police departments -- those who answer sirens and pagers at night and who patrol our roads to keep us safe," Senator Seward said. "The awards I am unveiling today help fire and police departments afford important initiatives that might otherwise be out of their reach because of the cost or because of local budget constraints.As chairman of the Senate Majority Task Force on Voluntary Emergency Services, and past chairman of the Senate Task Force on State and Local Emergency Preparedness, I have seen firsthand how our local departments provide excellent services on a financial shoestring. They need our help."

The awards include $7,500 for the Mohawk Fire Department to help fund the purchase of pagers; $15,000 for the purchase of cardiac monitors and defibrillators; $10,000 for dry hydrants for the Frankfort Hill Fire Department; $10,000 for personnel protective gear for the Herkimer County Volunteer Fire Police Association; and $2,000 for the Dolgeville Police Department to purchase a defibrillator (AED).
"The grants will provide improved equipment that will be used to save lives and protect our communities," Seward said.

The funds have been appropriated as part of the 2004-2005 state budget.