Seward Announces Ilion C.s. Grant

James L. Seward

May 31, 2006

Senator James L. Seward today announced that Ilion Central School District is in line for a $100,000 senate grant to assist in cushioning the tax impact of its budget on local property taxpayers.

"School districts face tremendous pressure with rising fuel costs, health insurance and higher pension contributions," Senator Seward said. "Any upset in local assessments increases pressure on the tax rate paid by property owners -- whether it's a small business or the homeowner.

"The senate grant I am announcing today will help the district reduce the impact of the budget on tax rates and still provide important services so that our students can succeed, achieve more in their classsrooms and prepare for the work force," Seward said. "The Ilion Central School District faces special challenges this year in its budget making. The district has cut its budget but faces a steep tax hike as a result of local assessment losses. "

The district received a general state aid increase of just over 5 percent.

"Thank you for your continuing and ongoing efforts to assist the taxpayers of Ilion," ICSD Superintendent Robert J. Service wrote to Seward. "Your untiring pursuit of additional state funds for the Ilion Central School District is truly appreciated by our residents, students and staff. We want you to know that it is refreshing to work with a state legislator who is truly listening to, and aware of, concerns that his constituents are facing."

Service said that the grant will reduce the local school tax increase by almost 3 percent. The funds wereset aside in the 2006-2007 state budget.

"I am glad that the state senate could assist the district because it has made a good faith effort to cut local costs and still fulfill its requirements under state law to provide an education for students," Seward concluded.