Seward Announces Little Falls Awards

James L. Seward

December 09, 2005

At a press conference at the Little Falls Fire Department on Tuesday, Senator James L. Seward unveiled two senate grants included in the 2005-2006 state budget. Seward was joined at the event by the city fire chief, Robert Parese, Mayor Ted Wind, Legislators J. Keith Davy, Dennis Korce and Raymond Smith, and Little Falls Town Supervisor Robert Gardinier.

Seward said that $15,000 had been set aside in the budget for the City of Little Falls and $5,000 for the Town of Little Falls.

The $15,000 for the city will fund improvements to the fire department's radio communications system and help pay for personal protective equipment. Specifically, it will pay for new radios, headsets, and a battery back-up system for the remote radio base.

The Town of Little Falls will receive $5,000 to help pay for a feasibility study for the creation of a municipal water district to provide water to Route 169-O'Hara Road and Flint Avenue Extension. The study will look at engineering, construction and maintenance costs of creating the water district.

"The senate funding helps local programs and meets locally identified community needs that would not be possible without state assistance," Senator Seward said. "When it comes to local governments and fire departments in particular, state dollars reduce pressure on tax rates and tight budgets, especially in rural areas. In the case of firefighters, we're providing vital equipment and gear that will protect our firefighters and help them do their job of protecting lives and property."

"I would like to thank you for the grant and your dedication to the fire service of New York State," said Fire Chief Robert P. Parese to Seward.

Funds for the city will be administered by the Department of State. The town's grant will be handled through the state Department of Health.