Seward Announces Local Court Grants

James L. Seward

December 02, 2008

ONEONTA, 12/2/08 -- Local justice courts are in line for state grants to help purchase equipment and fund other court expenses, State Senator James L. Seward (R/I/C-Oneonta) said today. The funds come from the state's Justice Court Assistance Program, created by the legislature in 1999 and funded in the 2008-09 state budget.

"Many of our rural town and village courts don't have the funds to get helpful equipment like computers and fax machines," Seward said. "In creating the grant program, the state legislature recognized that local courts need updated equipment, software and facilities, and that property taxes can only help so much in our rural towns."

Chief Administrative Judge Ann Pfau said, “Town and village courts play a critical role in the justice system of our state. It is vital that these courts, whose jurisdiction includes non-felony criminal prosecutions, motor vehicle cases, small civil claims and landlord-tenant disputes be well equipped and secure.”

New York’s nearly 1,300 justice courts are funded by the towns and villages they serve. They provide a significant source of local and state revenue, and their ability to process cases and information promptly is essential to maintaining a statewide comprehensive criminal history database, as well as the operation of programs that protect domestic violence victims and keep drunken drivers off the road.

Despite their critical function, local courts have few resources-- reflecting the budgetary limitations of the towns and villages that support them. Recognizing this, the state legislature in 1999 established the Justice Court Assistance Program to provide supplementary state assistance in the form of grants to the town and village justice courts. The grants make it possible for justice courts to acquire computers and other essential electronic equipment, maintain a dignified appearance, and enhance the training and legal materials available to judges and clerks.

Local grants are attached.

Chenango County
Town of Columbus $28,837.74
Town of Pitcher $8,773.00
Town of Plymouth $1,250.00

Cortland County
Town of Cuyler $4,376.37
Town of Homer $100.00
Townof Lapeer $200.00
Town of Solon $5,914.33
Town of Truxton $4,750.00

Greene County
Town of Athens $2,459.00
Town of Cairo $12,800.00
Town of Coxsackie $18,373.00
Town of Durham $200.00
Town of Hunter $5,320.00
Town of Jewett $559.00

Herkimer County
Town of Danube $20,100.00
Town of Herkimer $16,908.00
Town of Little Falls $1,811.00
Town of Manheim $21,852.00
Town of Norway $8,717.67
Town of Ohio $523.00
Town of Russia $39,216.00
Town of Salisbury $1,600.00
Town of Schuyler $11,157.91
Town of Stark $1,050.00
Town of Winfield $2,341.14
Village of Frankfort $100.00
Village of Ilion $1,699.99

Otsego County
Town of Butternuts $400.00
Town of Hartwick $885.00
Town of Otego $433.00
Town of Otsego $6,390.00
Town of Westford $7,983.59
Village of Central Square $1,300.00
Village of Cooperstown $1,870.50
Village of Laurens $17,389.76

Schoharie County
Town of Carlisle $27,757.92
Town of Seward $4,816.79
Town of Wright $675.00

Tompkins County
Town of Caroline $2,010.00
Town of Dryden $400.00