Seward Announces Suny Cortland Award

James L. Seward

September 08, 2005

SUNY Cortland will see major improvements to its library as a result of a $100,000 state grant secured by Senator James L. Seward (R-C-I/Milford). Seward announced the legislative initiative at a Friday morning press conference at the college's Memorial Library.

"The heart of an academic program at a college is its library," Senator Seward said. "Every college needs the resources to provide updated equipment, books, software and periodicals for students and faculty alike. The grant I am announcing will assist the college to continue its academic mission and provide much needed improvements to the library."

The $100,000 award will be used to purchase laptop computers for the in-library loan program, additional seating, tables, bookshelves, printing and program development.

Seward made the announcement with college President Erik Bitterbaum.

Following the announcement, Seward toured the campus and lunched with President Bitterbaum.

The legislative initiative will be administered by the state university.