Seward Announces Tompkins Highway Grants

James L. Seward

November 07, 2005

Senator James L. Seward today announced that the 2005-2006 state budget includes, at his request, transportation initiatives for the Tompkins County Towns of Danby and Caroline.

Seward said the funding was requested by Caroline Town Highway Superintendent Cindy Whittaker, Danby Town Highway Superintendent William Hall and County Representative Frank Proto, who represents both towns on the county legislature.

Town of Caroline. Seward announced $35,000 in funding for repair of 1.5 miles of South Road in Caroline that ends at the Town of Candor. The road leads to the state Division for Youth Center and is critical for area homeowners and residents at the center. The project is estimated to cost $75,000.

Town of Danby. Seward announced $40,000 in state aid for the repair of East Miller Road, a critical road for mutual aid for fire and rescue calls to Danby and Brooktondale fire companies. The addition of a new 911 cell tower on the road underscores its importance for safety.

"The South Road project and East Miller Road are both integral to the county's proposed communications project," said County Representative Frank Proto.

"I appreciate any and all funding assistance that you could provide to stretch our tight budgets," wrote Whittaker.

"Good roads mean safer travel and less wear and tear on vehicles, which means cost savings to everyone," wrote Superintendent Hall.

"The funding helps these towns' highway budgets and meets local needs that would be more costly to local taxpayers without state assistance," Senator Seward said. "When it comes to local governments, state aid reduces pressure on tax rates and tight budgets, especially in rural areas."