Seward Cites Small Business Innovation In Awarding Grant

James L. Seward

February 06, 2006

At a press conference in Cobleskill, Senator James L. Seward unveiled $350,000 in local senate initiatives to assist various programs and municipalities in Schoharie County.

Seward made the announcements at the office of the Cobleskill Partnership Enterprise Center, where he awarded a $30,000 grant to the center for technical assistance to renovate the library annex to become a multi-tenant business resource and community center. It will serve as a small business incubator offering wireless Internet access, video conferencing, voice over IP, and an on-site computer training lab. The center, boasting more than 35 local sponsors, donors and supporters, will focus on helping generate local small business start ups and providing support for current and new small businesses.

"We must support small business in retail, technology and manufacturing and commit to local solutions so that our young people can stay here and secure the career of their choice," Senator Seward said. "I'm committed to investing in our innovation economy and creating opportunities for individual small business owners in our state."

Seward also announced $100,000 in senate funding for SUNY Cobleskill's equine center. The money will be used to complete the expansion stables in the third wing with the purchase of stalls and miscellaneous equipment. As a result, the center will be able to accommodate more people in the community who wish to board horses.

"This is an exciting new phase for the college," Seward said. "I know the equine center will be beneficial for the college, its curriculum and recruitment, and the community as a whole."

The Cave House Museum of Mining and Geology is in line for a $75,000 senate award for ongoing restoration of the historic Cave House, located at the original cave entrance to Howe Caverns. The museum will help promote area tourism and offer an educational component to schools. Funded by private contributions, the museum will focus on restoration of its roof and interior.

Other grants announce include:

Town of Broome Building construction $ 30,000
Village of Esperance Fire/Rescue Defibrillator 15,000
George Landis Arboretum Arboretum improvements 20,000
Iroquois Indian Museum Upgrade children's programs 25,000
Scho. Co. Child Devel. Council Respite program 5,000
Cobleskill Agricultural Fair Infrastructure improvements 50,000

"The senate funding will provide dividends in business, tourism, emergency services, and locally identified community needs that would not be possible without senate assistance," Senator Seward said. "When it comes to local governments and fire departments in particular, the senate aid reduces pressure on tax rates and tight budgets, especially in rural areas."

Seward said the money was set aside in the 2005-2006 state budget.

"The programs identified as eligible for the awards improve the quality of life of many people in specific ways. I am glad that the senate could assist," Seward concluded.