Seward Discusses State Budget

James L. Seward

April 01, 2007

Senator James L. Seward commented on the adoption of the 2007-2008 state budget:

"The new state budget includes some of my key priorities that I set out as "must do" items this year, including property and business tax relief and help for our local schools.

" *The budget offers $1.3 billion in "right now," direct-to-the-taxpayer rebates, in addition to the STAR program;

" *$150 million in business tax cuts to help small businesses grow, create new jobs and move our economy forward so young people can stay here and find the careers of their choice;

" *Rejection of some $700 million in proposed taxes and fees;

" *$30 million in critical state help for our dairy farmers -- a senate initiative;

" *$5 million in new flood relief for our area;

" *A school aid hike that helps our students achieve more and reduces pressure on property taxes.

"This budget isn't perfect -- it's the product of compromise and negotiation. We must return to the open process and broader use of conference committees that served us so well the last two years in delivering on-time budgets."