Seward: Gov Topples Nyri Power Tower

James L. Seward

October 03, 2006

State Senator James L. Seward today commented on the governor signing senate bill 8349-A, which prohibits the use of eminent domain by companies seeking to site electric transmission lines.

"This is a good day for two reasons. First, we're moving to limit the government's use of eminent domain.

"Second, and to the point, the governor just unplugged NYRI's plan to site power lines through communities that don't want them. This may well topple their Frankenstein tower of deceit. Good.

"I fought this plan from the beginning with every weapon in our utility belt: hearings by the senate that gained key information about their plan; organizing the counties into a central response and advocacy unit; senate financing to engage NYRI in the courtroom, and now a law on the books that makes this plan so much more difficult for the foreign investors who won't live here under the towers they want to build in our backyards -- the backyards of our school buildings, homes, farms, woods and businesses. Here's our message to NYRI's investors: It's our upstate, not yours.

"I will continue the fight on behalf of the people of my district who have spoken out so forcefully against the line."