Seward Lists Local School Tax Checks

James L. Seward

May 01, 2008

 Senator James L. Seward today released details of the property tax relief rebate checks that will be sent to area homeowners this fall. The checks are the centerpiece of the senate's effort to provide direct to the taxpayer real property tax relief to homeowners this year.

"While the STAR program continues to be a help in reducing the cost of school taxes to property owners, in some cases its value is limited by reassessments and higher school taxes," Seward said.

"The rebate checks mean direct savings right into the wallets of school tax payers as part of our effort to reduce tax burdens on hardworking families."

The values of homeowners' school property tax rebate checks were calculated by the state Department of Taxation and Finance, and vary based on the tax rates of individual school districts.

"The rebate checks represent real relief, delivered direct to homeowners, from the crippling burden of rising school property taxes," said Senator Seward. "We promised property tax relief in this year's budget, and soon, that relief will be delivered directly to New Yorkers' mailboxes."

The timing of the school tax rebates -- expected by October 31 -- coincides with the due date for most school districts' tax bills.

Seward said that homeowners already enrolled in the STAR school property tax relief program will automatically receive rebate checks. Homeowners who have not yet enrolled in STAR -- but who are eligible -- still may enroll and will receive this year's rebate checks and will be enrolled in STAR in future years.

Seniors who meet income eligibility requirements under the "Enhanced STAR" program will receive a rebate check amount that is 67 percent more than the regular rebate.

In total, the senate majority's school property tax relief program will provide $970 million in savings to homeowners across the state, according to state budget officials.

County           School District                                 Basic Rebate                 Enhanced Rebate

Chenango          Georgetown-So. Otselic Valley         $161.10                             $269.04
                        Sherburne-Earlville                         $171.18                             $285.87
                        Unadilla Valley                                $156.06                             $260.62
                        Cincinnatus                                    $144.45                             $241.23
                        Cortland                                        $161.46                              $269.64
                        Homer                                           $186.75                              $311.87
                        Marathon                                       $194.04                              $324.05
                        McGraw                                         $163.80                              $273.55
                       Cairo-Durham                                 $149.67                               $249.95
                       Catskill                                           $182.97                               $305.56
                       Coxsackie-Athens                            $175.59                               $293.24
                       Greenville                                       $181.80                               $303.61
                       Hunter-Tannersville                         $117.99                               $197.04
                       Windham-Ashland-Jewett                  $92.52                                $154.51
                       Bridgewater-West Winfield               $188.64                                $315.03
                       Dolgeville                                        $134.91                                $225.30
                       Frankfort-Schuyler                           $184.05                                $307.36
                       Herkimer                                         $188.19                                $314.28
                       Ilion                                                $126.54                                $211.32
                       Little Falls                                        $227.52                                $379.96
                       Mohawk                                           $170.19                                $284.22
                       Poland                                             $138.78                                $231.76
                       Town of Webb                                  $49.59                                  $82.82
                       VanHornesville-O.D. Young                 $179.46                                $299.70
                       West Canada Valley                           $152.37                                $254.46
                       Cherry Valley-Springf ield                   $140.67                                $234.92
                       Cooperstown                                     $124.83                               $208.47
                       Edmeston                                         $142.47                                $237.92
                       Gilbertsville-Mt. Upton                        $145.80                                $243.49
                       Laurens                                            $165.33                                $276.10
                       Milford                                              $169.47                                $283.01
                       Morris                                               $185.22                                $309.32