Seward Requests Emergency Help For Canadarago

James L. Seward

August 03, 2006

State Senator James L. Seward has asked the state emergency management office (SEMO) for its intervention and assistance with the continued high water and flooding at Canadarago Lake. Seward wrote to SEMO Director John Gibb to request his agency's help at the lake, where properties are still flooded.

"I would like to see SEMO organize an emergency dredging program and coordinate removal of silt and debris which are contributing to a high lake level," Seward said. "Some people are unable to use their properties, and in places, the public roads are threatened."

Seward will take a boat tour of the lake on Friday, August 4, at 11:30 a.m..

He has sponsored legislation to authorize a lake district which would be responsible for managing the lake's resources and addressing problems associated with flooding. The legislation has passed the senate twice but has not been approved by the assembly. Without the district, almost $140,000 in state funding Seward secured for addressing lake problems can not be released.

"My office has spoken with the county emergency services coordinator about the need for some fairly rapid action with regard to the lake, and I know that Butch Jones is working to make it a reality. Local representatives and property owners would welcome the assistance," Seward said.

The lake is bordered by the towns of Richfield, Exeter and Otsego. The town supervisors and town boards have requested special legislation to create an autonomous district that could accept and administer state funds for flood control and maintenance of the dam.