Seward Unveils Dolgeville "safe Community" Award

James L. Seward

April 12, 2006

At a press conference in Dolgeville State Senator James L. Seward unveiled a $300,000 "Safe Community" senate grant to provide a safer street and new sidewalks on the village’s Helmer Avenue.

The senate funds will also replace water lines that have lead joints and create a new storm drain system to reduce inflow of storm water into the village’s wastewater treatment plant. Seward was joined by municipal officials and area residents and business owners.

Village officials have identified Helmer Avenue and its sidewalks as dangerous and in need of repair. Water sampling has shown elevated levels of lead contamination.

"New York must provide value for the tax dollar. Safer streets, sidewalks and pure water will enhance the quality of life in Dolgeville," Seward said. "In addition, the project will reduce costs at the wastewater treatment plant and assist the village’s upgrade of the plant by ensuring that storm water doesn’t flow into the plant but is instead handled in a separate new storm drain system. The improvements to the water will provide lead-free potable water and thus remove a critical health hazard. The senate funding will offer genuine relief to overburdened local taxpayers."

The village’s plan calls for resurfacing six-tenths (.6) of a mile, 30 feet wide on Helmer Avenue. More than 4,700 lineal feet of a four-foot wide sidewalk will be replaced, and 25 residences will receive new water laterals. Lead pipe connections will be removed. In addition, the area’s storm drains will be diverted from emptying into the village’s wastewater treatment plant, thereby reducing the costly treatment and discharge of 85,000 gallons of water daily at the plant.

"This is great for the Village of Dolgeville. The school, businesses and residents will benefit from the grant," said Mayor Bruce Lyon. "I extend our thanks to Senator Seward for the senate funding to help with critically needed safety improvements here in the village, which will be done this year."
The entire project is estimated to cost just over $300,000.

Seward made the announcement at the Dolgeville Fire Department. The senate funding comes from the 2005-2006 state budget.

"The senate funding will provide dividends in healthier water, safer streets and improved motor vehicle safety that would not be possible without senate assistance," Senator Seward said.