Seward Unveils 'virtual Career Day'

James L. Seward

February 14, 2008

Senator James L. Seward joined ONC BOCES in announcing a new interactive program that will provide high school students with the opportunity to explore careers through video interaction with career professionals, business owners and tradesmen. Seward unveiled the program at Center Street Elementary School in Oneonta, where he announced the $15,000 for BOCES to fund equipment and software necessary to sponsor the "virtual career day'.

"This is about one thing: keeping young people here in upstate New York by showing them career and trade possibilities that exist right in their backyards. We want to offer students across the entire BOCES area the opportunity to talk to business owners, professionals, and trades workers to learn more about specific careers and vocational opportunities as students consider their own futures," Seward said. "Getting every student who is interested in the same room is difficult and logistics work against multiple presentations, but offering the program in an interactive, video format provides a great opportunity for interested students to hear about possible careers and jobs."

"This is a great opportunity to further the mission of BOCES in serving the students of our component districts," ONC Superintendent Marie Wiles said. "Senator Seward's assistance in making it a reality is appreciated, and the relative cost considering the number of districts being served makes it cost effective."

Seward also announced other education grants for Otsego-area schools:

*Edmeston Central School - $10,000 - Upgrade of mini-computer lab;

*Milford Central School - $20,000 - Ensuring School Excellence - Phase II;

*Oneonta City Schools - $50,000 - After school programming;

*Unatego Central School - $80,000 - Bus garage remediation;

*Worcester Central School - $20,000 - Athletic fields.