Snowmobiling Brochures Available

James L. Seward

December 19, 2007

    Every year thousands of people from New York and around the world enjoy the state's more than 11,000 miles of scenic snowmobile trails. The brochures are designed to act as a guide along these trails to help keep snowmobilers safe, and their environmental impact to a minimum.

    The "Snowmobile Trails Map" provides a map of all state-certified trails within New York State, along with inserts of certain high traffic areas. It also includes a basic guide regarding signs, signals, and rules while snowmobiling. The "Snowmobiler's Guide" provides rules and regulations, and helpful tips regarding requirements to operate a snowmobile, registration, preparation, and actual operation. "Snowmobiles: Answers for Enthusiasts" provides information regarding snowmobile safety, accidents, ownership of a snowmobile.

    "I hope that we can enjoy the winter season and its many recreational activities in a way that is beneficial to all New Yorkers. Play safe this winter, and have fun!" said Senator Seward.

    Senator Seward's office is at 41 South Main Street, Oneonta, or call 607-432-5524 to request a brochure.