State Budget Helps Little Falls

James L. Seward

March 29, 2005

The 2005-2006 negotiated legislative state budget includes $100,000 in aid for Little Falls, Senator James L. Seward said today.

The budget combines existing revenue sharing programs and includes aid for seven cities previously omitted from the state’s supplemental municipal aid program.

"Seven cities are currently left out of special municipal aid that all other cities currently receive, including Little Falls," Seward said. "I have been working to include Little Falls in the supplemental municipal aid program for a number of years, and I am glad that we have finally secured parity for the people of Little Falls. Municipalities face the rising costs of pensions, salaries, health insurance premiums, and even blacktop. Any additional state funding will help taxpayers."

The new budget allocates $100,000 to Little Falls and to six other small cities.

Little Falls Mayor Ted Wind has worked with Seward’s office to highlight the plight of seven cities. The money was included in last year’s budget, but was vetoed.

"The people of Little Falls will benefit from additional state aid that will stabilize local property taxes and provide important local services," Seward said.

The program is included in Senate bill 3666, and agreed-upon budget bill to be approved by the senate today.