State Budget Protects Pharsalia

James L. Seward

April 29, 2005

On a visit to Camp Pharsalia where he met with local correction officers, State Senator James L. Seward said the on time state budget includes important protections for Camp Pharsalia and its staff.
Specific language in the budget changes the procedures of the Department of Corrections (DOCS) to include:

A) A minimum of 12 months' notice before closing a correctional facility;
B) Preparation by DOCS of an adaptive reuse plan not later than six months after announcement of a facility's closing;
C) A requirement that the commissioner of DOCS provide an annual report that details the staffing of correctional facilities.

Because of restorations in the budget for the current fiscal year, and the one-year notice requirement, Camp Pharsalia is protected for two years.

"The legislature understands the importance of the facility and we will continue to ensure its viability," Seward said . "Chenango County has a legislative team that works together for the benefit of the entire county."

The new state budget allocates $7 million in state funding to maintain Camp Pharsalia. The facility employs officers from staff from a multi-county area.