State Senate Hearing On Nyri Set For Norwich

James L. Seward

June 05, 2006

Senator James L. Seward said today that members of the public who want questions asked at a public hearing sponsored by the New York State Senate Standing Committee on Energy and Telecommunications may forward questions to him for consideration.

Seward, who represents northern Chenango County and is former chairman of the committee, will participate in the committee's hearing scheduled for June 15 at Norwich High School Gymnasium, Midland Drive, Norwich.

The hearing is open to public attendance.

"This is a formal inquiry by a senate committee that differs from a public information session," Seward said. "The senate wants some specific answers from the principals of NYRI about the line because many people rightly perceive that NYRI 's answers haven't been clear enough. I invite people to offer suggestions to me for questions. People can also submit written testimony and comments to the committee.

"As we fight this line, our efforts will take different approaches at different times. At some times we will have public information meetings, at some times there will be meetings with county officials and even among legislators," Seward added. "This time it is a formal public hearing by a legislative panel."

The hearing by the senate panel is being held in Norwich at the request of Senators Seward, Meier and Libous. Subsequent hearings are in the planning stages.

Seward will be available to talk with constituents after the meeting and is planning community meetings in the portions of his district affected by the line. He has coordinated a PSC briefing for local officials; pledged senate funding to help counties fight the line; and with his senate colleagues has developed a strategy to help coordinate municipal opposition to the line.

Those who wish to submit written testimony to the committee may do so by forwarding their comments, in hard copy, to: Hon. James Wright, Chairman, Senate Standing Committee on Energy and Telecommunications, State Senate, Albany, N.Y. 12247.