Sen. Alesi To Join Local American Legions At 90th Annual Convention

James S. Alesi

June 06, 2008

    Senator Jim Alesi (R- Perinton) announced today, the 64th anniversary of D-Day, that to date he has secured nearly $1.25 million for local veterans groups, including $260,000 for local American Legion Posts within Monroe County.  Senator Alesi will be on hand for the 90th annual Monroe County American Legion Convention, tomorrow June 7th.

    "It is important that on this day, the 64th anniversary of D-Day, and every day, we recognize the signifigance of what these courageous men and women have done for our country," said Senator Alesi.  "These brave men and women put their lives on the line in order to protect the freedoms that we as a nation enjoy today.  I look forward to joining with the legionnaires at their annual convention tomorrow."

    Dating back to his days as a Monroe County Legislator and State Assemblyman, Senator Alesi has been a supporter of veterans groups as well as the issues important to those who have served in the armed services.

    During his tenure in office, Senator Alesi has led the effort to recognize veterans with conspicuous service awards and continues to fight for veterans rights as well as adequate health care. To date, Senator Alesi has secured nearly one million dollars on behalf of veterans groups dedicated to assisting and aiding local war veterans such as the Veterans Outreach Center (VOC), the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), The Marine Corps Coordinating Council, and the American Legion. Senator Alesi also provided the funding necessary to bring the International Marine Tattoo to Rochester.

    Senator Alesi has also championed many Veteran causes including renaming a portion of Macedon Center Road as the POW-MIA Memorial Highway, renaming a large portion of Route 441 as the Korean War Memorial Highway, and securing State funds, used locally to build the Vietnam Memorial, the WWII Memorial, and the Korean War Memorial.

    More recently, Senator Alesi's bill to name the bridge over Scottsville-Chili Road (State Route 386) after Private First Class James E. Widener, who was declared Missing in Action when his helicopter crashed while on a mission to the Quang Tri Province in South Vietnam, was signed into law.