Sen. Alesi & North Winton Village Association Unveil New Public Safety Building

James S. Alesi

February 07, 2008

State grant secured by Senator Alesi helps solidify police presence in the city

Senator Jim Alesi (R- Perinton) was joined today by Mary Coffey, Co-Chair of the North Winton Village Association, city and state police representatives, and local residents for the grand opening of the North Winton Village Office and Public Safety Building, located at 1933 East Main Street. The project, which seeks to highlight an increased police presence in the area, was initiated thanks to a $7,000 state grant secured by Senator Alesi.

"I am extremely pleased that I was able to play a role in the formation of this office," said Senator Alesi. "As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Economic Development and Small Business, I understand the considerable impact that crime has not only on quality of life and community safety, but also the significant role it plays on economic development. Businesses are not going to operate or locate in an area where crime is a major issue. This project is a shinning example of government, citizens, local businesses and law enforcement working together for the betterment of the community."

"This is another great movement in saving the City of Rochester and brining it back to what it once was," said Mary Coffey, Co-Chair of the North Winton Village Association. "The City has moved forward with its Zero Tolerance and has said, "enough it enough." We are taking the City back from the drug dealers, but we cannot do it alone. Senator Alesi has stepped up to help by obtaining a grant for the office. He too wants to work for Rochester and its citizens. The citizens are thankful and will continue to work hand-in-hand with law enforcement to achieve this goal.."

The North Winton Village Office and Public Safety Building will be furnished with desks, chairs, phones, computers, police radios and a lavatory. The office is secured with a code lock on the door which will be accessible to the Rochester City Police, Monroe County Sheriff's Department, the New York State Police, Federal Law Enforcement, Border Patrol, the Probation Department and the Parole Department. There will also be an emergency 911 phone located on the outside of the building. North Winton Village volunteers will help staff the building and merchants on East Main and the North Winton Village Association will help to pay the monthly rent.

In addition to aiding local law enforcement, the Village Association will use the new office daily, as well as, hold community meetings every week to bring their concerns directly to police and code inspectors.