Senator Alesi Announces The Passage Of Legislation To Punish Repeat Sexual Offenders

James S. Alesi

March 27, 2006

Senator Jim Alesi (R,C - Perinton) today announced the passage of S.1150-B, which punishes repeatsexual offenders by mandating consecutive sentences for each act of first-degree rape. The bill, which he sponsors with Senator Dean Skelos, passed the Senate today, March 21, 2006.

Under current law, it is possible for a judge to issue concurrent sentences for multiple counts arising from separate and distinct acts of rape. For instances of rape it is customary to charge each act as a separate count, even when the charge arises from a single incident against one victim.

"Far too often, criminals convicted of rape in the first-degree are sentenced to terms of imprisonment running concurrently to one another," said Senator Alesi. "It’s inconceivable that a person convicted of a series of rapes against different persons could receive a sentence of as little as five years."

Present law provides that the sentence for the offense of rape in the first-degree is to be a determinant sentence of between five and twenty-five years. This legislation would require that the sentences on each count run consecutively with regard to any convictions for rape in the first degree to ensure that no rape goes unpunished. Each separate and distinct act of rape in the first degree will be specifically and separately punished.