St. Paul Fire Department Purchases New Equipment With Grant

James S. Alesi

November 14, 2006

St. Paul Fire Department in Irondequoit today announced the purchase of new fire safety and life saving equipment thanks to a $10,000 grant secured by New York State Senator Jim Alesi (R,C,I-Perinton).

"I am so pleased to be able to provide this money to the St. Paul Fire Department to assist in their efforts to have the most up-to-date life saving equipment on hand, to be ready at a moment’s notice when duty calls," said Sen. Alesi. "Our first responders have one of the toughest jobs - often responding to unknown and dangerous situations, putting their lives on the line to save ours. There is nothing more gratifying then securing these funds to ensure their lives are protected so they can continue to protect others."

The funding secured by Senator Alesi helped to purchase new "combination tools", otherwise known as a smaller version of the "Jaws of Life". These tools will be placed on first response engines from each of the two stations in the District. These tools are excellent, light weight, strong and portable safety tools meant to pry open or even cut metal away from a person who may be trapped in a motor vehicle or piece of machinery. They can also be used in other emergencies such as when a person is trapped or crushed from a falling tree or a 'cave in' while digging power lines below grade.

"These tools are extremely lightweight, easily maneuverable and have been very effective," said Firefighter Kevin Magin. "The on-duty firefighters have already used them numerous times when manpower was limited to extricate citizens from motor vehicle crashes. We cannot thank Senator Alesi enough."