Bonacic Applauds Spitzer For Following His Lead

John J. Bonacic

October 31, 2006

State Senator John J. Bonacic (R/I/C - Mt. Hope), today applauded a statement attributed to Gubernatorial Candidate Eliot Spitzer that NYRI is dead. Bonacic, yesterday, had been quoted as saying NYRI had been dealt a mortal blow.

Spitzer's comments were reported by the Times Herald Record today. "I applaud Attorney General Spitzer for saying NYRI is dead," Bonacic said.

"NYRI is bad not only because of the aesthetic reasons, but also because it will increase our electric rates. My goal has not been to find the least offensive way to site NYRI's lines, but rather to stop NYRI entirely. I am pleased the Attorney General has concluded that has been done," Bonacic said.

Since its inception, NYRI has suffered a number of setbacks, including rejection of their application by the PSC, the recusal of FERC Commissioner Marc Spitzer (who Bonacic led the effort to force out of NYRI deliberations), the formation of a regional coalition by Bonacic and several other State Senators to oppose NYRI, the development of a $1 million war-chest to oppose NYRI by Bonacic and four other State Senators, and finally, the signing into law of legislation authored by Bonacic, which took away NYRI's right of eminent domain under State law.

"We have taken calculated steps to oppose NYRI. Hopefully others, who thus far have been trying to accommodate NYRI, will now acknowledge that NYRI is no longer among the living - how appropriate a message for Halloween," Bonacic said.