Bonacic Bill Gains Support In The Assembly

John J. Bonacic

February 07, 2006

State Senator John J. Bonacic (R/I/C - Mount Hope) said today that his legislation, Senate bill 6521, was introduced in the Assembly by Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski on February 1st.

The measure prohibits the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) from implementing rate increases, surcharges, fees, or other costs to passengers or for those who work at facilities owned and operated by the MTA public hearings within the county impacted.

"This is a common sense initiative that addresses the needs of New York's commuters and focuses on accountability. I am pleased Assemblyman Zebrowski has introduced this bill in the Assembly," stated Senator Bonacic.

Senator Bonacic said that hardworking New York taxpayers should not be expected to pay increased fees without additional quality service in return. "Under my proposal, any new or increased fees, rates, or surcharges will have to be justified, explained, and supported by the users of the services those fees pay for," Senator Bonacic continued.

Last Fall, the MTA announced it would be implementing a $192 a year parking fee. That fee took effect in January, while the MTA has reported a $1 billion surplus.

Currently, Senate bill 6521 is awaiting consideration in the Senate Transportation Committee. The Assembly companion, Assembly bill 9785 is currently awaiting consideration in the Assembly Corporations, Authorities, and Commissions Committee.

Senator Bonacic concluded, "I will work to ensure that this bill is approved by the Senate this session."